Let’s Reflect: Our Digital Residency

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Reflecting on research is important, especially in learning and teaching science, otherwise pre-existing conceptions from a monistic approach result in only “the one correct explanation” and “one most elegant procedure for testing an hypothesis” being put forward (Baird et al., 1991). Being able to reflect and collaborate with others (in the comments section of blog posts) has helped me realise the importance of this through experiential and networked learning – consistent with “learning spaces” and “experience” in Kolb’s Learning Style Models (2005).

A pluralistic approach would find benefits to both Prensky’s Digital Immigrants & Natives and White and Le Cornu’s Residents & Natives (2011), and say that our shift into the ‘Network Age’ requires more than just one universal rule to explain digital differences. Why do we always use existing terms (resident, immigrant etc.) as metaphors to mean something different online, when we can just create new terms?


My Digital Residency

The self-test document helped me reflect further on my own digital capabilities. Although I didn’t focus too much on the results from this in my blog post, understanding my residency positioning came through the discussion with others.

The self-test made me realise that I’m not part of any interest groups on social media and most of what I see in my feeds is just not useful/interesting information. In my comment on Tom’s blog, we discussed together how creating content is difficult.


Well in fact, I am now part of a group of people all interested in learning online, as part of the UOSM2008 student blog and the Future Learn MOOC.


Tom also commented on the importance of learning spaces, and I appreciate this now after investigating Kolb’s Learning Style Models (2005). Although unanswered, Xavier’s blog post made me think about the differences between living online (residency) and working online – only using a few online tools to meet a need.

My Comment on Xavier’s blog.

My Comment on Tom’s blog.

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